Petheads Charity Album

While some fans limit themselves to only listening to and enjoying their idols in concert, others try to cross the line and experiment with the feeling of launching an album, an album that will be able to help children.

To the Pet Shop Boys Fans at the forum it is clear, if they can help they will do so, more so when there is so much untapped talent to choose from. Over a year ago they began helping an association called “Here Kids First”, a local UK association that helps raise money for other associations that help families economically to purchase medications and costly operations.

Last year the forum put out calendars which were mentioned on the official Pet Shop Boys website, this helping considerably with sales. This year they have gone further and are launching an album full of electronic music, just like their idols. Not all involved with the album are Pet Shop Boys Fans, however they simply wanted to support the cause and donate a song to the album.

One of the pleasant surprises of the album is the producer and musician Chris Kalera, who is also known as Dynarec, whose vocals sound similar to Neil Tennant’s. He has collaborated with so many areas of production, singing and adding vocals to various songs.

This is the list of the artists who are confirmed to be on the album:

The album is expected to go on sale this summer. This way we will have a great electronic music album and we’ll be helping a worthy cause.

Official Charity Album Myspace: