Exactly this is, what Neil annoys …

…things done in PSB forums in the past: ‘Spreading rumors; wrong things told by uninformed people!’ So currently happened » here.

Pet Shop Boys O N L I N E always tried to explicate most of the statements that come from the official page and seem wrong or strange on the first view. There are always reasons – everyone just have to look for them and/or find the right answers by virtue of the brain!

With this info Pet Shop Boys O N L I N E is dissociating itself from this article!

If you have questions or need infos – you can always ask us before writing such articles or spreading wrong/uninformed infos about the boys or their background.

All South American fans should have some patience in ordering their tickets for the venues especially in Argentina and Chile. There’s enough time left for ordering and getting them at the right time!

We’re sure that the tickets for all venues will go on sale soon!