me_psbHi, thanks for visiting my private fansite about the Pet Shop Boys. I’m Chris Dahl, living in Berlin. My passion for PSB started in ’94 when a friend played Go West to me. I haven’t heard about PSB before and never thought about becoming a fan. BUT then he lent me the whole album (very) and it happend – I fell in love with Neil’s brilliant voice and Chris’ synthy-sounds.

Since then I’ve built many fan sites on the web (I think you will have seen at least this one) and of course bought every CD and went to concerts. One bad experience was the concert in Gliwice/Poland … the crowd was so awfully drunk that it was really hard to survive in the first row.

But there’s one other thing that puts me together with the Pet Shop Boys: when I read Neils outcoming report in the Attitude 1994 I got surprised … what he expressed was the same what I felt! In 1994 I was about 16 and tried to discover myself. This report in Attitude changed my way of living. I wouldn’t say that I’m gay because Neil is, but when I came out 5 years later, I remembered Neils words and deeds. He made it easier to get over this period of my life.

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