In conversation with Neil Tennant

Yesterday’s evening saw the ‘Conversation with Neil Tennant at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Here’s a short recap from the visitors of this event:

– Neil was on great form and got plenty of laughs from the audience

– Mr. Tennant confirmed there are plans to write a ballet

– he also confirmed they were looking into possibly re-releasing the ‘whole’ of the 1989 tour video on DVD

– they will be touring in the Spring with the same show as last year

– comment from the management: ‘…if there’s a 4th single, it would be Integral…’. they’re currently thinking about a European release…

– next issue of the ‘Literally’ magazine is in process and will come out soon

– ‘Paninaro’ probably will kept’in for the coming concerts

Thanks to all, who were there and letting us know, soon afterwards!