‘I get along’ next single, signing sessions and German and Spanish TV dates

‘I get along’ confirmed as new single! It’ll be released sometime in May.

The Pet shop boys will be doing two autograph signing sessions to

coincide with the RELEASE album. The first is on April 2nd

at Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street London, the second is on

April 5th at Virgin Megastore in Manchester. Both signings start at 17:30 (thanks to Glyn)

The German music channel VIVA broadcasts a two-days-special with Neil and Chris:

Part 1: 29.03 – 21:05

Part 2: 01.04 – 21:05

For further details check this website!

Siteinfo: I’ve removed the ‘musical’ section due to the musical was set off a long time ago and noone seemed to be interested in it anymore.

Pet Shop Boys are going to performance in ‘ Sonar 2002 ‘ ( it is a macroshow about electronic music ) on 13th of June in Hospitalet de Llobregat ( Barcelona ) for 40 minutes. (thanks to Alexis)