Home And Dry remix by Blank & Jones

The german DJs Piet Blank and Jaspa Jones were asked to do a remix of ‘Home And Dry’. They followed a request of Neil and Chris and have finished an ‘Blank And Jones Remix’ and an ‘Blank And Jones Dub Remix’. ‘Piet and Jaspa are long time PSB fans and it was a pleasure to remix a track for the

boys…’, said Piet from the remixer duo.

The Boys came in touch with the music of Blank and Jones when they were in Cologne in February and it was a good idea to ask them for a remix of ‘Home And Dry’.

But it was too late to include the remixes on the forthcoming single and so they plan to include them on one of the next singles from ‘Release’ (maybe the next one ‘I Get Along’). The remixes were finished last Friday and Chris states on the phone to Jaspa ‘I absolute love them!’.