Construct and Vocal

Taken from the press release: ‘Pet Shop Boys will release their new single Love is a bourgeois construct on September 2. The song is taken from the highly acclaimed current album ‘Electric’, produced by Stuart Price. The track, which was musically inspired by Michael Nyman’s “Chasing Sheep Is Best Left To Shepherds”, has been highlighted by many as a future classic Pet Shop Boys hit single. The entire album has received huge critical acclaim with The Guardian calling it “their strongest album in 20 years”. It entered the UK album chart at number 3 yesterday.’

There will also be a 12′ of Vocal thats going to be released in September as well – the final artwork is shown on the left. It includes the following mixes:


1) Vocal Album Mix

2) Rektchordz Dub


3) Armageddon Turk Tear Gas Mix

4) The Cuchararachas Mix


5) JRMX Club Mix

6) Nacha Chapado and Ivan Gomez Mix


7) Rektchordz Mix

8) Wawa Extended Mux

9) The Cuchararachas Dub