Added new song…

Just go to the music section or choose ‘song of the week’ and listen to a brand new version of ‘For All Of Us’ from the upcoming musical Closer To Heaven. It’s really much better than the well known short demo version 🙂

‘Break 4 Love’ comes at 5th of June!

‘Break 4 Love’ is a co-production between Peter Rauhofer and Pet Shop Boys – featuring Neils voice. It will be published on 12′ Venyl only in the United States at 5th of June . If you’d like to listen to a 10 minutes version, go to the music section and click ‘break 4 love’ 🙂

New MUSICAL section!

Well, in the last few days I spent lots of time programming a musical section. I think, you’ll find there everything you want to know about the upcoming PSB musical ‘closer to heaven’ and the nightlife in London.

If you are looking for tickets, places to sleep, lifts or simply a meeting with other fans, you can add your seek to the appropriate list. Whether you’re offering the same to other fans, you can add your offer.

Happy Easter!

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