Release dates confirmed and new tour anncounced

Pet Shop Boys confirmed the release of ‘Home and Dry’ on March, 11th, followed by the new album on March, 25th. ‘Home and Dry’ CD1 contains 2 bonus tracks, CD2 2 remixes.

Neil and Chris produced the album by themselves and go back to their original sound with a fantastic live feeling.

Also planned is a tour through Europe in June and July – concert dates for 5 gigs in the UK are already well known.

The show at Astoria on February, 14th is already sold out.

Interesting to know is the stage set for the ‘February’ tour: one programmer, two guitar players, one percussionist and of course Neil and Chris. No big show – just them playing the new album. The same set does a UK tour later in the next year.

Summary of the PSB happenings next year:

8th-14th February: small UK tour

11th March: ‘Home and Dry’ release (2 CDS/1 DVD)

25th March: album release ( advanced album)

unknown: big UK tour

unknown: tour in Europe