Press statement to the nightlife video ‘montage’


Pet Shop Boys release ‘Montage’, a new live video and DVD, on November 12.

Filmed on their 1999/2000 ‘Nightlife’ world tour, ‘Montage’ is a unique concert film featuring live footage presented simultaneously over layers of backdrop projections and videos.

The main concert footage was filmed over 2 nights in Germany; this was then augmented with material collected from many different sources, including news footage and filmed footage from shows on the American leg of the tour. The film also utilises the original projections of the show, plus parts of Pet Shop Boys’ videos and other films, including a film of a casting session for a video.

The whole film captures not only the unique nature of the ‘Nightlife’ tour, with its’ stage set designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid, but the innovation that runs through all of Pet Shop Boys’ work. ‘Montage’ is a stunning visual experience with a soundtrack of Pet Shop Boys classics, including many of their hit singles.

‘Imagine a hi-energy disco sequence in Kubrick’s 2001, or a production of ‘West Side Story’ as conceived by Almodovar and you begin to get the picture of the ‘Nightlife’ show’, wrote the ‘Independent on Sunday’ when the tour played New York.

The surround sound music mix on the film was done by Bob Kraushaar.

Pet Shop Boys are currently in the studio working on their new studio album for release in Spring 2002.