Neil answered some questions

According to Neil,

-> there is a new album coming early 2005 – maybe sooner

-> the Greatest Hits is still going ahead

-> there’s no collaboration with ‘dead or alive’ called ‘Mayonnaise’

-> they’re coming back to Mexico

And … Neil doesn’t visit fansites … 🙁

‘It’s very flattering that they exist but I don’t look at them. The thing is, if something is happening, it’ll be on our website. If it’s not, it’s just rumour or misinformation’

…but … ‘In relation to the above question have you really written/produced a song for Dead or Alive called ‘Mayonnaise”

‘And here is a good example! N’

So he does 😉

…and… I need to apologize for the misinformation about ‘Dead Or Alive’. I was told by a good friend, so I thought it was right! Sorry!