Swedish female Pop duo back

What, you might be wondering, has happened to Swedish pop warblers West End Girls?

Well, they’ve been making their second album and, as a departure for the band, it won’t all be Pet Shop Boys hits. The new single is ‘What Have I Done To Deserve This?’ and the girls do not sing the song to each other. They are joined on vocals by a special guest called Magnus Carlson. He is in a band called Weeping Willows.

The single will be out in February or March, followed by two singles, both written by the Pet Shop Boys, before the album drops. One of the songs is ‘Little Black Dress’, which sounds ‘like a mixture between Pet Shop Boys, West End Girls and Depeche Mode’.

The album will be called ‘Shoplifters’. Do you see what they have done there. There is some other stuff about the album, too, involving songs contributed by other people. The Girls’ version of ‘What Have I Done To Deserve This?’ won’t disappoint fans of the first album, and there are some great melodic tricks added to the vocals which make it a bit different from the original song while still being the same. All thanks to the magic of pop. We’ll play you a clip in a week or so if you like.

Source: http://www.popjustice.com