PSB C A T A L O G U E now online

From today, August 1st the best known ‘PSB Discography’ is history and the page has changed the design and the name!

The new site is now called ‘PET SHOP BOYS C A T A L O G U E’ and beside the old Discography texts (which were setup by Lazlo Nibble in 1997 with the help of a big bunch of die-hard Petheads) it will feature pictures from the massive back catalogue of the Pet Shop Boys.

The page still is under construction, which will take another couple of months.

We hope to get the page finished around Summer 2008, when most of the items are pictured. The result should help collectors and fans to find their way through the jungle of the vinyls, cassettes, cds and other records of the Pet Shop Boys. It also should help collecting and catalogue PSB material.