‘PopArt’ record release party in Berlin / rumours

Visit the ‘Schöne Party’ @ Kalkscheune in Berlin / Germany on December, 6th! One floor will be PSB music (and 80s) all the time and you can win some goodies like shirts or rare CDs!

The party will be sold out about one week before so buy your tickets now or win 3×2 tickets by sending an eMail to mailto:win@petshopboys-online.com Of course you should live or stay in Berlin 🙂

For more details about this event check http://www.schoeneparty.de

other news:

[-] ‘Miracles’ entered the charts in Denmark on #5 and Sweden on #5

[-] as well as #1 in Gran Canaria, # 2 in the QX Club Charts and #4 in the Disoc Charts

[-] ‘Flamboyant’ is going to be released on January, 12th (not confirmed!)

[-] PSB will be in Berlin again on Sunday, 30th to attend the ‘SAT1 Aidsgala’