Philanthropy out now

Philanthropy contains enjoyable dance songs with strong lyrics and electronic backgrounds that show a wide variety of styles. Every fan/musician involved is leaving a personal print here. The album is complete and the first 4 track EP is available in digital stores now.

A large percentage of the profits obtained from digital downloads/sales will go to “Kids First Hereford”, a British charity association run by Mark Price, another PSB fan. Remixes of “The Rumor”, “Skype call” and “Fanatic Boy” will be available in December. Profits from the remixes sales will go to both charity association and remixers/artists.

Tracklist First EP

Chris Kalera – Music In The Subway (electro mix)

KooLTURE – Fanatic Boy

Ray Grant – The Rumor

Angel Eyedealism & Sergio Bastos – Skype Call

On sale at