Pet Shop Boys came up in the music business over 20 years ago. Since then, they have been a great inspiration for their fans who learned and took from them an incredible musical culture/background. Pet Shop Boys are living proof that we all can endure and even be better all through the years. Their fans (like father, like children) decided to try their luck in the world of music. Philanthropy is not a tribute to the Masters of synthpop. This album does not include any cover version of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe’s songs. You can find original tunes inspired by the Pet Shop Boys’ career.

‘Philanthropy’ contains enjoyable dance songs with strong lyrics and electronic backgrounds that show a wide variety of styles. Every fan/musician is leaving a personal print here. This promising project was born at forum: A fan under the nickname of “twisted logic” suggested the idea of taking an advantage from the fans who were musicians to produce an album. People from the forum just loved it and we all started to work on it immediately. We chose fans with experience in the music world. Artists like KooLTURE, an Argentine singer and producer who is presently making the rounds with songs of his own as well as a beautiful cover version of classic Pet Shop Boys’ hit “Heart”.

Today the album is almost done and the first 4 track EP will be digitally released by Bit Records Mexico on November 2007.

A large percentage of the profits obtained from digital downloads/sales will go to “Hereford Kids First”, a British charity association run by Mark Price, another PSB’s fan.Some songs will also be released as digital singles full of remixes. Profits from the remixes sales will go to both charity association and remixers/artists.

One of the pleasant surprises of the album is the producer and musician Chris Kalera, who is also known as Dynarec, whose vocals sound similar to Neil Tennant’s. He has collaborated with so many areas of production, singing and adding vocals to various songs. Chris kalera started making music about ten years ago. Heavily influenced by the 80’s synthetic pop sounds, he’s into techno as well (on his ckal label), electro (he releases as’dynArec’), and more detroitish stuff are produced under the ‘speakwave’ alias.His classical formation allows him to write tunes very quickly, and he probably has hundreds of unreleased tracks somewhere in his lair…

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