Live 8 In Moscow

As reported on their official website, The Pet Shop Boys played in Moscow last night at the conclusion of the Russian Live 8 concert in Red Square.

After a series of Russian bands had performed, at 10 pm (local time) Pet Shop Boys took to the stage situated at the side of the Kremlin and in front of St Basil’s Cathedral and, having been asked to perform for 45 minutes, this was their set list:

1 – It’s a sin

2 – Suburbia

3 – Opportunities

4 – Domino dancing

5 – New York City boy

6 – Always on my mind

7 – Where the streets have no name (I can’t take my eyes of you)

8 – West End girls

9 – Left to my own devices

10 – Go West

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Joining Chris and Neil onstage were Sylvia Mason-James (vocals), Mark Refoy (guitars) and Dawne Adams (percussion). Live sound was mixed by Pete Gleadall. After the final song, everyone left the stage assuming the show was over but most of the audience refused to leave so Pet Shop Boys returned and performed “It’s a sin” for a second time!

The Moscow concert was the last of the Live 8 concerts to be announced and Neil and Chris would like to thank everyone involved for organising such a successful event in only five days. Moscow police estimated last night that between 60-80,000 people attended the Pet Shop Boys performance.