‘I get along’ out today – review of Newcastle

‘I get along’ hits the streets today. Be shure to buy your copy today 🙂

Here’s a review of the concert in Newcastle yesterday by Paul Rymer:

The band did not use the entire stage set, instead they used the Newcastle City Hall pipe organ and wood pannelled walls. This looked very impressive indeed. It looks like a set from Phantom Of The Opera. At about 6.30pm from outside the venue you could hear the organ being played and I wondered if it would be actually used in the show. It was. At the beginning of ‘It’s a Sin’ Chris climbed up onto the organ and played the intro to the song. Then he had to quickly scamper down to his regular keyboards for the rest of the number. Looked like he nearly tripped – he was definitely having to move pretty fast.

They played one extra encore – ‘Home’. The crowd were pretty rowdy.