‘Heart’ promos by KooLTURE

KooLTURE is an Argentine artist who has recently covered “Heart”, an original song by Pet Shop Boys (Actually, 1987).

As this covered version was nicely welcome by petheads from all over the world, KooLTURE decided to launch a promotional cd with remixes of his version of Heart.

In this cd (not for sale) you can find mixes by Sygma (important Dj and producer from Rome), Sgoliat, Lesvicon Soul, Technoman SF, Ladies On Mars and Alfredo Norese (well known producers from Argentina).

Copies will be distributed among DJ’s, clubs and radios from Argentina and several countries of Europe like Spain, Germany, Italy, UK, Holland, France and others as from late March.

KooLTURE will be also a featured artist on an electronic compilation charity album expected to go on sale this summer.

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