‘Evening Standard’ reveals ‘I’m With Stupid’ lyrics

In the article ‘Pet Shop Boy snubs Labour with anti-ID cards song’ we can read as follows:

The Pet Shop Boys are to use their new album to attack the Government.

Lead singer Neil Tennant regularly donated thousands of pounds to the Labour Party during its first term in office between 1997 and 2001 but he now votes Liberal Democrat. Tennant and Chris Lowe (…) went to several party functions hosted by Tony Blair, including the notorious ‘Cool Britannia’ celbration at Number 10 in July 1997.


One song, ‘Integral’, is scathing about the aims of New Labour project. A spokeman for PSB said: ‘Neil has always been a Labour Party supporter but at the last election he voted Liberal Democrat because he is completely against the idea of ID cards’.

‘The Pet Shop Boys think we should try to increase our freedom, not limit it. They don’t believe ID cards are an effective way of countering terrorism.’

‘Some tracks are about the climate of fear that is being exploited so people can push through ID cards. ‘I’m With Stupid’ is inspired by the relationship between George Bush and Tony Blair.’

The lyrics of ‘I’m With Stupid’ include:

Call you ever day

Fly across the ocean

Just to let you get your way

No one understands me

Where I’m coming from

Why would I be with someone

Who’s obviously so dumb?


I have to ask myself like any lover might

Have you made a fool of me

Are you not Mr Right?…

Is stupid really stupid or are you really smart?

That’s how you stole my heart