EMI Release Informations

Taken from http://www.tennant-lowe.com

1. Release details & major markets:

Artist name: Pet Shop Boys

Album name: Fundamental

First single: I’m With Stupid

Other Single: Psychological

Major sales markets:

1. United Kingdom

2. Germany

3. Japan

4. Italy

5. Spain

6. France

7. Canada

8. Australia

2. Timeline:


20: Initial distribution of album internationally to internals via share – WM stream only

W/C 20: Distribution of album internationally to internals via share – download

W/C 20: Distribution of album internationally to external media via share – WM stream only


13: I’m With Stupid promo date

13 – 20: I’m With Stupid to radio – date TBC


W/C 24: Promotional gig


1: Newcastle Battleship Potemkin gig

5: I’m With Stupid R/D Germany – Switzerland – Austria

8: I’m With Stupid R/D international & digital R/D

10: Album R/D Japan

19: Album R/D Germany – Switzerland – Austria

22: Album R/D international & album digital R/D

W/C 22:London gig

3. Details to be confirmed:

• Video delivery

• Playbacks

• Album radio date

The first single I’m With Stupid is a biting commentary on the relationship between Tony Blair & George Bush, as seen from Tony Blair’s point of view.

Expect more news on the official site early next week. Until things are 100% confirmed with regards to releases, we’re holding back on the information. Although I can confirm that one of the remixers for ‘I’m with Stupid’ is Mylo.